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A wing with an even stiffer and lighter profile thanks to composite material combined with a super design!

The Nitro Wing features cutting-edge designs with innovative materials to offer wingfoilers and wingsurfers a no-compromise, high-performance wing.
This ultra-responsive, lightweight and super durable wing delivers instant, smooth power for wingfoiling and windsurfing. It feels like it’s 1m larger but controls like it’s 1m smaller, exactly like nothing else.

The FreeWing Nitro is mind-bogglingly better, but why?
We’ve combined over 20 years of kite and wing design experience with tomorrow’s technology, to create the new Nitro Wing.

Our unique ideology on composite materials means we have spent years chasing responsiveness, light-weight and durability in a single product, and the Nitro is the best example of this yet.

The key to the Nitro Wing is ultra PE frame space which combines our absolute cutting-edge Ultra PE high-pressure leading edge and strut with our proven Ultra PE load frame.

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4.0, 5.0, 6.0


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