Starboard SuperCruiser Evolution vandensparnis


This set contains the 85cm V5 aluminium mast, the SuperCruiser 1700 Evolution C300 front wing, the 330 C300 tail wing and the 102 Classic Evolution fuselage.

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Our all-time number #1 selling foil. Maneuverable, smooth and super fun, it’s also our easiest foil ever. The 1700cm² front wing gives the sensation of floating on air and allows you to take-off before reaching planing speeds. The long 87cm fuselage offers extra stability and power. Choose this foil if you want to foil in the lightest winds, make foil-jibes and 360s as easy as possible and foil with smaller sails.

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 10 kg
Išmatavimai 90 × 35 × 30 cm


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